About us

Founded more than 40 years ago by Sheila and Allen Hill, Hooke Springs is located on chalk springs which form the headwaters of the Dorset Frome. The farm is now owned and run by their daughter and son-in-law, Fiona and Mark Firth.

We supply the finest quality brown and rainbow trout for rivers and lakes from Cornwall to Kent, from Pembrokeshire to Buckinghamshire. We are major suppliers to beats on all the top southern chalk streams.

We take particular care to use the finest quality feedstuffs, including pigmented food for fish over 10 inches. We also feed large proportions of floating food, to encourage our fish to look upwards for their next meal. So not only do our fish taste wonderful, but they look beautiful and fight like tigers.

For those looking to rear onwards, our bloodlines have been selected for speed of growth as well as colour and conformation. Our Browns can reach 2lb in 18 months from hatching, whilst Rainbows can achieve 3lb in the same time. CEFAS and the Hampshire College of Agriculture believe our fish to grow on 40% faster than anyone elses; thats why they are regular members of our client list.

Customers are reminded that they still need the relevant Environment Agency permissions prior to stocking. We are happy to assist with this at no charge, provided you place an order with us. We will also use our best endeavours to help with any problems that the EA may try to place in the way of your stocking plans.

Our latest health check reference is: APEM AP411027 and was carried out on 26/11/09; our map reference is ST 534005.

We are approved by the EA, and to the best of our knowledge, disease free (though like any fish producer, we cannot give absolute warranty). We are not affected by any crayfish plague.

An Invitation to all present and future customers. Please come and visit Hooke Springs: see your fish being grown, meet the team and enjoy a spot of lunch with us.

Trout production is a risky business and acceptance of an order is subject to the possibility, however remote, of some Act of God to upset plans.

If there is anything you are uncertain about, please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to give our advice and share fishery management knowledge.

Heres to a wonderful season in 2010.